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Download our Press Kit for all the latest news and details about Fansflock! Our media kit is packed with our company's history, how it works, design assets and other exciting information.

Our Story

Fansflock was born from a desire to unite fans in a new way. In 2012, Fansflock Co-founder Massimo Colella attended his first football game and was amazed by the passion the fans shared that day: rooting for their team in the parking lot, while playing music, watching 50” plasma TVs that were set up on the backs of SUVs and enjoying barbeque. Inspired by this experience, Colella and co-founder Joe Victor Behar set out to create an avenue that allows fans of any interest to come together and share their ideas and passion with one another.

Through Fansflock, fans can turn their passion, creativity and dreams into awesome projects and new ideas.

Meet the Fansflock Team

Joe Victor Behar


After receiving his first Apple II computer at the young age of 8, it was apparent that Joe Victor Behar was on the road to becoming a serious fan of technology. He later got his hands on a Mac and then a database, soon realizing his insatiable craving for the latest technology. Coming from a generation that saw a huge evolution in this sector, Joe Victor strongly believes in the great benefits that new technology can have in one’s life.

A co-founder of Fansflock, Joe Victor is in charge of the finances for the company, while creating relationships with investors and hiring new talent to build the Fansflock team and brand.

He is a big fan of lasagna, tiramisu, Disney and Coca-Cola, and loves seeing people happy and helping to make dreams come true.

Massimo Colella


A die-hard fan of the Juventus soccer club, Massimo knows what it means to come together and support one’s team. He has always enjoyed watching and rooting for his team with friends. Massimo is also an avid “gamer” and technology fan, a passion he followed into his profession. He was lucky enough to grow up in an era where he experienced the first home videogame console, the first personal computer and the first mobile phone. Massimo helped bring GameStop to Europe and formerly held the position of COO.

As co-founder of Fansflock, Massimo is in charge of the development of Fansflock as a platform and a key player in marketing and PR operations. Massimo also works closely with the team to carry out the vision of Fansflock. He is an out-of-the-box thinker with a strong entrepreneurial drive and plenty of experience in marketing, ecommerce and business development.

He is a super fan of Star Wars, Ben Harper and Nutella.

Max Ortu

Chief Information Officer

While also a technology fan, one of Max’s true passions is rock music. Some of his favorite bands/artists include Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses. He loves rocking out with his local band and can do some pretty amazing things with a guitar.

He has an educational background in Computer Science and has worked as Chief Engineer for several multinational corporations, including Adobe and GameStop. During that time, he used his technical skills to develop state-of-the-art logistics and operations software.

As CIO of Fansflock, Max updates the website to run the latest software and tests to ensure that it runs properly. He also manages the integration of third party sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to

In addition to rock music, Max is also a big fan of tennis and Corvettes.

Joseph Zizza

Creative Director

A fan of technology, Joseph received his first IBM i386 computer in 1992, and it was love at first sight. His other passions include web design, sound design, music and his family.

He pursued his passion in the 90’s, composing and creating music, editing audio and recording music. Joseph started his career as a sound technician, where he created musical arrangements, jingles, discographies and sound tracks.

As Creative Director for Fansflock, Joseph creates the graphics and layouts for the Fansflock website and its campaigns. He also maintains the website design, anticipating the newest trends and functions.

His creative talent, passion for his work and technical know-how make him a crucial part of the team. He is a fan of sci-fi movies, acid jazz and pizza. He will soon become a first-time father and is already his daughter’s biggest fan.

Stefan Gualino

Software Architect

At the young age of 12, Stefan received his first computer, a Commodore Vic 20. He soon became passionate about programming, which led him to pursue a specialized education at a technical high school and, later, a degree in Electronic Engineering.

Stefan first worked for a web-marketing agency, where his technical skills were not left unnoticed. He was soon promoted to web administrator and became specialized in both Windows and Linux servers. Still wanting to learn more about programming, he continued to dedicate himself by studying PHP, Perl, Java, C# and Python languages. He has also worked for various multinational companies, such as GameStop and FIERGE.

Today, Stefan is a valuable asset to the Fansflock team. He currently holds the position of Software Architect and writes code, while developing tools and technical solutions for the platform.

Stefan has played the guitar for more than 25 years and is a big fan of music, electronics, and anything that regards computers and technology.

Fansflock Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fansflock is a unique crowdfunding platform that enables fans to come together and transform their ideas into reality. From musicians to band groupies, cosplayers to die-hard gamers, athletes to passionate sports team supporters; Fansflock gives fans of any interest a place to show support by crowdfunding products and events that bring the community together.
We want to transform crowdfunding into a real community, based around existing passions and fandom. In fact, what we do here is called fanfunding. Super fans are critical and unique to crowdfunding portals, and we believe they should be recognized for their continuous support. Our goal is to create a unique and experience for superfans around the world.
For us, being a superfan means more than just following a favorite sports team on TV every once in a while. Superfans are different. They are the fans that will wait hours in the pouring rain just to get a glimpse of their favorite sports player. They will drive cross-country for a sold out concert or even camp outside a store for the release of a new product. Fansflock is a place for these superfans to come together and express this unique passion.
It's easy and free to create a campaign on Fansflock. Get started now and make sure you meet the project criteria listed here.
Fansflock is an international crowdfunding platform focused on you, the fan. Anyone over the age of 18 and with a debit/credit card can start a campaign.

You should:

  • Create an idea for an event or project around something with a fan base.
  • Create a budget of costs. Use this to set your funding goal. Make it reasonable.
  • Brainstorm rewards that you can offer fans. 
  • Consult Fansflock for tips and tricks on campaign ideas.
  • Have a plan for spreading the word about the project.

Running a project can be a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun. Make sure you're ready before you launch, to dedicate your time to herding your fan friends.

Projects on Fansflock can last anywhere from 1 - 60 days. We recommend that project deadlines be set at 30 days or less. Campaigns with a shorter timeframe have higher success rates and will create a helpful sense of urgency around your project.

Backers of your campaign should have a clear understanding of:

  • What you are trying to do 
  • How you will do it 
  • How the funds will be used 
  • Who you are (is it just one person or the moderators of a fan club?)
  • How far along your project is
  • What fans will get

The more information you share, the more trust you will earn from your fellow fans.

All campaigns on Fansflock are all-or-nothing campaigns. If a campaign does not meet its goal, fan followers will not be charged.
If a project is successfully funded, Fansflock applies a 5% fee to the funds collected.

Fansflock is the unique crowdfunding platform that enables fans to come together and transform their ideas into reality. We give fans of any interest a place to show support by crowdfunding products and events that bring the community together.

So, how does Fansflock work?

1. Have an idea to bring fellow fans together

Want to put together a Star Wars-themed party? Or a picnic to screen Star Wars in the park? Or a Star Wars flash mob to the tune of "The Imperial March?"

Fansflock understands how challenging it can be trying to bring people together on a limited budget and with time constraints and is dedicated to helping fans turn their ideas into reality.

2. Create your project

Starting your own project is simple!
Log onto, follow several simple steps for registration, describe your project, choose a REALISTIC funding goal and create rewards for fans supporting your project. We have resources and tools to help you along the way.

3. Spread the word

With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit integrated with Fansflock, it’s easy to share your project with other Star Wars fans who can contribute to make your dream come to life.

Fellow fans can share your project with their friends, to let more people know about the common passion you share with them. Make sure your fans know that they won’t be charged for their contributions until you reach your goal. Follow us and we can work as a team!

4. Reward your contributors

Once your campaign meets its goal, IT’S PARTY TIME WITH FELLOW FANS!

Tell your fans where to meet and who to look for at the picnic or flash mob or get updated shipping address for that handmade accessory that glorifies your fandom. Keep fellow fans updated and reward them for their patience and support.

Download high-resolution versions of the Fansflock logo and other assets. Browse our style guide